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Extended RV Warranty

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Why Choose The RV Advisor Extended Warranty Plans?

  • Backed by A+ insurance underwriter (no covered claim denial)
  • Service vehicles anywhere in the United States or Canada.
  • Comprehensive coverage on all major components.
  • Low or no deductible plan options.
  • Toll-free claims assistance.
  • Increased resale value with transferable ownership.
  • Car rental, hotel and substitute transportation.
  • Trip interruption and food spoilage reimbursement.
Component Average Repair Component Average Repair
Generator $4,300 Waste System $2,300
Iverter $2,300 Slide Out Room $1,800
Refrigerator $1,900 Axle $1,400
Awning $1,900 Holding Tanks $1,000
A/C Compressor $1,500 Power Step $1,000
Hydraulic Jack $1,400 L.P Gas System $900
Water Heater $850 Microwave $800

Avoid Expensive out-of-pocket Repair Costs

The RV Advisor Extended Warranty Plans are selected by Gigi for the best in value, service, and affordability.
Don't let warranty service claims ruin your RV fun.

All internally lubricated engine parts including pistons, piston rings, crankshaft and main bearings, fly wheel, connecting rods and bearings, camshaft and bearings, timing chain or belt, timing gears, tensioners/guides, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, valve guides, oil pump and oil pump housing, push rods, rocker arms, rocker arm shaft and housing, harmonic balancer, metal valve covers, timing gear cover air filter and housing, water pump, vacuum pump, thermostatically controlled air intake, oil pan; engine block and heads.
All internal parts, torque converter, vacuum modulator, mounts, covers, pans and cases, cooler and metal cooler lines.
All internally lubricated parts contained within the transmission case, including but not limited to bearings, bushings, sprockets, chains, sleeves and gears, viscous coupler, shift forks.
All internal parts contained within the differential housing, transaxle housing and final drive housing. Axel shafts, constant velocity/tripod joints, universal joints, drive shafts, hub bearings, supports, ring and pinion gears, side gears, bushings, bearings, spacers, yokes, axle shafts. lock rings, retainers, axle bearings, and hubs.
McPherson struts (excluding replaceable cartridge), strut bar and bushing, upper and lower control arms, shafts and bushing, upper and lower ball joints, steering knuckles, wheel bearings stabilizer shaft, linkage and bushings, kingpin and bushing, torsion bars, spindle and spindle supports, coil and leaf springs, shackles and shackle bushings, height sensor, compressor, lines and bags, rubber.
All internally lubricated parts of the steering gear box, rack and pionion gear, power streering pump, main and intermediate steering column shafts and couplings, cooler and metal cooler lines, power cylinder, Pitman arm, idler arm, tie rod and tie rod ends, steering damper, center link, drag link, control valve and cylinder, tilt/telescoping steering assembly, gear housing.
Master cylinder, power assist booster, wheel cylinders, combination valves, equalizer valve, hydraulic control unit, brake pedal assembly, hydraulic lines and fittings, disc calipers, power brake cylinder, backing plates, clips, springs and retainers, self-adjusters, parking brake linkage and cables, rear actuators.
Compressor, compressor mounting brackets, clutch, clutch pulley, clutch coils, condenser, evaporator, POA valve, suction valve accumulator, orifice tube, temperature control programmer, power module, idler pulley and bearing, receiver drier, blower motor, blower motor fan, high/low cut off switches, pressure cycling switch, ducts and hoses, AC control head.
Fuel injection sensors, control module and injectors, electric ignition module, electronic anti-detonation sensors and controller, electric driver information display and module, electronic mixture control unit and sensors, electronic anti-lock brake system (ABS), relays.
Water pump including impeller shaft, bearings and bushings, radiator, radiator brackets, engine thermostat, heater core, fan, fan clutch, fan motor and controller module, coolant recovery unit, fan shroud, electric block heater, heater ducts and cabins.
Metal frame only.
Hood hinges, hood latches, hood gas cylinders, hood springs, door hinges, seat tracks, courtesy map light assembly, glove box door and hinges, glove box lock, shift lever.
NEW UNITS: Seals and gaskets for all covered components.
USED UNITS: Seals and gaskets for all covered components only in connection with repair or replacement of a covered component listed above.

Inner tank, pressure valve, burner assembly, thermostat, thermocouple, gas valve, electronic ignition assembly, P.C. board, heating elements , wiring harness and switches, fittings, connections, control panel.
Fittings and piping in relation to shower, sink(s) and toilet (except electrical). Toilet (except electrical toilets), holding tanks, vacuum breaker, gate valves, inlet valve, ball valve, fittings, connections, probe harness and traps (excluding probes) are covered.
Water pump, compressor, water tank, water lines, fittings (CPVC excluded), basic faucets and probe harness (excluding probes).
(Roof- mounted 110V or central)
Compressor, evaporator, capacitors, relays, thermostat, condenser, heat pump, fans, PC boards, heating elements, heat strips, control panel, accumulator, expansion valve, receiver dryer, blower motor, bathroom vent motor, high/low cutoff switch, switches, electronic module, reversing valve, pressure cycling switch, ducts and ductwork.
Burner assembly, igniter, ignition assembly, thermostat, thermocouple, burner valves, microwave oven, convection oven, power hood, PC board, fittings, connections and oven control valve.
Regulators, gas bottles (except valves), mounting brackets, gauges, pigtails, L.P lines, fittings, connections, automatic shut off system and shut off switches. L.P detectors are covered; however, L.P detectors are added components. Coverage applies to L.P detectors that are Factory Installed or Factory Approved Dealer Installed. L.P detectors purchased by YOU and installed will NOT be covered.
Furnace igniter, burner assembly, gas valve, thermostat, blower motor and assembly, heat pump, heat strips, fan motor, fans, fittings, connections, ducts, ductwork, PC board, thermocouple, relays and switches.
Thermostat, 2-way or 3-way cooling unit, burner assembly, igniter, control panel, PC board, thermocouples, eyebrow board, relays, switches, fittings, connections, electric heating elements and wiring harness.
(Factory installed or Factory Approved Dealer Installed)
All internally lubricated parts of the power plant engine, starter, switches, voltage regulator, generator assembly, cylinder block and head if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part, power converter, hour meter, inverter, interior monitor/control panel, and PC board. The carburetor and portable generator units are excluded.
Power step motor and power step control module, interior / control panel.
(Factory Installed or Factory Approved Dealer Installed)
Non-in dash stereo receiver, cassette and/or CD player.
Cooling fan and motor, electric relays, and circuit board.
Thermostat , switches, relays and motor.
Spring assemblies, left and right side, awning motor (fabric, awning tube and lifter arms excluded).
Motors, hydraulic/electric pump/jack assembly, actuators, lines, fittings, cylinders, electric motor, worm gear, gears, boots, electric switch, and wiring harness.

In the event of a Mechanical Breakdown of a covered component, the Agreement Holder will be reimbursed for expenses incurred for substitute transportation while the Vehicle is being serviced as follows below. A detailed receipt must be submitted to Administrator. 1. Reimbursement is limited to the reasonable time to repair the Mechanical Breakdown, at no more than fifty dollars ($50.00) per day until the repairs are completed, not to exceed seven (7) days. Substitute transportation must be supplied by the selling dealer or a duly licensed rental agency. 2. In the event that repairs are scheduled to be completed in 2 days or less, the Agreement Holder may use a licensed ride-share provider (e.g., Uber, Lyft) instead of a rental vehicle. Reimbursement is limited to the reasonable time to repair the Mechanical Breakdown, at no more than fifty dollars ($50.00) per day until the repairs are completed, not to exceed two (2) days. Administrator will not reimburse for both ride-share and rental vehicle if each is utilized on the same day.
When Your Vehicle is disabled due to a covered Mechanical Breakdown more than 100 miles from Your residence, We will reimburse You for up to three (3) days for lodging and restaurant meal expenses up to a maximum of $125.00 per day subject to the following conditions: (1) The Mechanical Breakdown causes a delay in route to Your destination; (2) The date of the Mechanical Breakdown will be considered the first day of the three (3) day maximum period. The expense must be incurred between the time of the Mechanical Breakdown and the time the repairs are complete, or by the end of the third calendar day subsequent to the Mechanical Breakdown date if the repairs are not completed, whichever occurs first. Receipts are required for reimbursement.
In the event of a Mechanical Breakdown to a covered refrigerator or freezer which results in a loss of perishable food or beverages (does not include alcoholic beverages), We will reimburse You up to seventy-five dollars ($75.00). A detailed receipt must be submitted to Administrator. This benefit is not available on Agreements purchased in the state of California.
In the event of a Mechanical Breakdown to a covered fuel tank or L.P. gas bottle which results in the draining of fuel or L.P. gas, We will reimburse You up to fifty dollars ($50.00) per occurrence. A detailed receipt must be submitted to Administrator.
If a part covered by the Agreement fails a second time during the term of the Agreement, all the repair charges including the deductible obligation are paid by Us.
In the event of a Mechanical Breakdown of the Vehicle’s slide-out systems, jack systems, braking systems, or lighting systems which prevents You from towing the Vehicle to a Licensed Repair Facility, We will pay the Licensed Repair Facility or We will reimburse You for reasonable service call charges up to one hundred twenty-five ($125.00) dollars per occurrence. This benefit only applies to a Mechanical Breakdown of the Vehicle’s slide-out systems, jack systems, braking systems, or lighting systems covered under this Agreement. A detailed receipt must be submitted to Administrator.
This option provides coverage for the following if factory or dealer installed: rear view camera and monitor; “kitchen center” components (consisting of refrigerator, microwave oven, gas or electric burner, gas or electric grill, sink, faucet); ice maker, dishwasher, washer/dryer, trash compactor; monitor panel, thermometer, compass; carbon monoxide/smoke detectors; interior/exterior light fixtures (excluding lenses, bulbs and LEDs), light control switches, GFCI and electrical outlets, power converter and inverter; retractable awning power motor, control switch and power/manual crank worm gear mechanism (does not include rails, arms, track, frame); power step motor, power step control module, control switches and control panel. The following parts related to the leveling jack systems are covered if factory or dealer installed: motor(s), hydraulic/electric pump, actuators, jack assemblies, power cylinders, worm gear, gear sets, switches and wiring harness. The following parts of a slide-out system are covered if factory or dealer installed: motor, hydraulic/electric pump, actuators, power cylinders, worm gear and gear sets, control switches and wiring harness.
Provides coverage for the following if factory or dealer installed: high definition television/monitor(s) and back-up monitor; audio/video and high definition disc player; audio/video cabling and hubs; home theater audio amplifier and speakers, satellite dish or antenna including rotator motors, signal amplifier, control panel and switches, converter and in motion-satellite receiver. This coverage excludes internet access devices, phone systems, game systems, personal computers and their monitors, MP3 or similar portable music/video players and their monitors.
This option provides coverage for the following named components found in heating systems branded as Aqua-Hot, or similar units: diesel burner, heat exchanger, heater elements, pump, holding tank, thermostatic switches, printed circuit board, thermostat, and control panel. Requires proof of annual service.

*The RV Advisor and The RV Advisor Good Samaritan Club is in no way affiliated or in conjunction with Good Sam, Camping world or Marcus Lemonis